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2022 Review of the Year

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Doing something ritual is a form of personal agency and helping myself to create routine when we are living under a world full of uncertainties. It seems like muscle memory for me, and it comes to the fifth year of resolutions and reviews, including my blogs in

It was the most implicit year resolutions in 2021, I can only use my favourite Canton Pop lyrics in 2021 to express my thoughts and resolutions. Unfortunately, it is all in Cantonese, and it is quite difficult for me to translate all, while trying to translate morse code I left for myself.

Daily Life

To make it simple, I'd like to take this chance to express my gratitude to all I met in this year. You've taught me how to strive for a better and preferred life no matter how tough is the environment. It's a year of self-caring, to understand my capability. Big changes could come from small kind actions.


Out of my expectations, I watched a total of six Hong Kong movies in the UK cinemas, which is more than what I watched in the past few year in Hong Kong. Self-censorship might be one of the facilitator for creativity, and enhance us to explore those treasurable moments we neglected or forgot to share with others.

I missed quite many stage performances in Hong Kong, and I hope there will be Hong Kong theatre production in the UK soon. Luckily, I have chance to watch a few stage performance for children in the UK. I am surprised for integrating political humours into the shows, which is really a cultural shock.


After a while of disconnected, I am glad that I have chance to gather with my Hong Kong friends in the UK finally, and spent one day to travel to Coventry. Although life is still full of uncertainties, as long as we are all healthy mentally and physically, we will survive. While standing in front of the umbrella installation arts in the Coventry market, I made a wish for my friends who are disappeared in this year.

I do not have much chance to travel in this year due to strikes and no driving license. It would be better to save up money and chances to gather with my friends who will move to the UK in coming years.

Physically activities

I missed roading running scenes in Hong Kong the most. I am still not used to the UK weather and security, it hinders my running practice quite a lot. All I could do is home training and going to the gym nearby my home sometimes. My time spending on watching World Cup is more than doing exercises. It is still meaningful, at least Messi reminded me no matter how many years it takes, we need to stay hopeful and dedicated to pursuit our goal.


I never experience stability in my work, and these instability brings stability to me now. It always remind me what I am dedicated for no matter what kind of job I am working. I spent six months to wait for an organsiation to prepare a service supplier agreement for me. Although it's only on freelance basis, it is my honour and privilege to serve Hongkongers in this role.

Last but not the least, thanks for my mentors in my life, I am nothing without your unconditional support.

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