Upcoming and Recent Events

I engage in various activities and delivers experiences of narrative practices with an interest in cultural diversity. 

  • One Year Intensive Training in Narrative Practice
    04 Jul 2022, 19:00 GMT+8 – 24 Jun 2023, 17:00 GMT+8
    Hong Kong
    Are you struck by narrative ideas? Would you be interested to join this new journey? The One Year Intensive Training in Narrative Practice is designed for people who want to further explore individual and collective narrative practice in the local context.
  • 去或留,香港家庭的抉擇 (Cantonese Only)
    政府最新統計數字顯示,疫情無阻港人移出。在決定去留之間,仍有不少家庭在觀望、討論、部署。在決定和實行過程中,無盡的「不確定」,很容易成為早已潛伏的親子、夫婦、跨代關係問題放大鏡,為去留決擇倍添壓力和變數。 講座為大家提供空間,審視由討論到決定,移出前後的過程會怎樣影響著家庭關係和應對技巧。身在英國的主講者亦會分享在其移英過程中,見到不同家庭所面對的種種心情。
  • The Covid Spectrum: Theoretical and Experiential­ Reflections from India and­ Beyond (English Only)
    The COVID Spectrum: Theoretical and Experiential Reflections from India and Beyond Editors: Meher Bhoot、Satishchandra Kumar、KANCHANA MAHADEVAN ISBN:9789354471452
  • 重新詮釋人生風景:用敘事治療改寫命運,為生活找到解方 (Chinese Only)
    作者:秦安琪, 曹爽, 梁瑞敬, 黃綺薇, 葛思恆作; 梁志君總編輯 出版社:張老師文化 主題:心理治療、心理諮商 ISBN:9789576939563 裝訂/頁數:平裝/256頁 規格:23cm*17cm*1.3cm (高/寬/厚) 出版日:2021/09 正價:台幣360 (港幣120元)