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My Services

1.  Individual, relationship and family counselling

Currently, I am offering online counselling sessions for clients who are based in the UK, face-to-face counselling sessions for clients who are living in Birmingham. I am also offering online counselling session for clients who reside in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Australia.  

I provide comprehensive individual, relationship, and family counselling for adults.
I work in response to a wide range of concerns including personal growth, parenting, life and career planning, grief and separation, mental health and sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression. 

Since you may have preferences in a specific area or geographic location, I may refer you to one of my trusted narrative therapist colleagues. They are mainly trained or based in Hong Kong through narrative connections.

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**Services can be conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin and/or English.**

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What People Say

2.  Collective Narrative Practices

Currently, I am welcoming collaboration based in Birmingham, the UK. I am also welcoming online projects from all over the world.  

It is my honour and privilege to collaborate with various groups to co-explore first-hand knowledge and skills while undergoing challenges in life. I have experience working with neighbourhoods experienced COVID-19, youth affected by social movements and ethnic minorities youth in Hong Kong. With the consent of the groups, we had consolidated knowledge in responding to hardship and shared it with people who might have similar experiences. 

I treasure the opportunity to work as a team. It is a chance for us to learn and obtain support from each other. If you have any ideas or projects, or if you would like to explore the possibility to integrate narrative practice into your project, it will be my pleasure to contribute. I value the synergy in collaboration, and we need to accept that we are not perfect. I might invite you to include not only me to your team but also considering my trusted narrative therapist colleagues to work together.

**Services can be conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin and/or English.**

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It is my privilege and honour to be invited to contribute to your ideas or projects.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Let's jam on some ideas!

Thanks for your message! I will reply within 2 to 3 working days.

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