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How long does it take for counselling to be effective?

In general, counsellors need at least one session for preliminary understanding of the client, and further with three to four sessions. Everyone's life story involves unique scenes and people.  We are all facing different problems and situations.

Furthermore, the environment surrounding us changes over time, so it is difficult to offer a generalised answer.  I will do what I can, and I will not force it. With our mutual respect, I will discuss with you the number of sessions needed throughout the process.

How often should I attend counselling?

In the initial stage, a weekly basis is more ideal and preferred. If the interval between sessions is too long, it would take longer time for us to review what we have discussed and update new insights or experiences in life. The 50-minute session could then become very fruitful, but at the same time affected the progress and effectiveness.

How long does each session take and what is the fee?

I offer individual counselling online (via video link) and face-to-face counselling in Birmingham.  I offer a free 20 minutes initial session of telephone or online video session, which provides an opportunity for us to meet, to explore what you are looking for, and establish whether the way I work suits you.  There is no obligation to enter therapy with me after this session.

Subsequent sessions last 50 minutes each and the sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs. An online session costs £55 or HKD600, a face-to-face session cost £70 (With effect from 1st January 2024). Payment should be made 3 days in advance of a session via bank transfer.

If the place of residence is different from the UK Living Index, is there any adjustment of fee?

If the living index of the place of residence is different from that of the United Kingdom (such as China, Taiwan, Macau), please email to inquire about the fee.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

Fees for a 50-minute online session are on a £45 - £55 (HKD 500 - HKD 600), a 50-minute face-to-face session are on a £60 - £70 sliding scale, subject to individual circumstances (With effect from 1st January 2024).


Please email to enquire about availability.

What is your late/cancellation policy?

•     Late:

If you show up later than the scheduled time, the session will end at the originally scheduled time.

•     Cancellation:

The time for your appointment will be reserved exclusively for you. If you fail to show up within the appointment time and fail to cancel your appointment with 48-hour notice, you will be charged half the fee.

What is the policy and practice around client confidentiality?

I am committed to safeguarding your privacy and work in accordance with the current Data Protection Act (GDPR, 2018).  My Privacy Policy refers to your use of this website and any subsequent enquiries you make regarding the counselling service I provide. 

During the counselling sessions, I will take notes, to use your own words in narrating your stories. Sometimes, drawing and emails could be parts of the communications. All the written notes and drawings will be kept confidential and only accessed by me, and electronic files will be encrypted. It will not be disclosed with third parties without your consent.

At anytime you have the right to ask to see what information I hold about you. You also have the right to request that I delete any information I hold about you. You can do this by contacting me directly. The instances in which I would not be able to comply with your request could be find on Privacy Policy.

Which web platform is used for online counselling?

We will use This is an end-to-end encryption video platform that does not store client information. Your information and online privacy are protected. I will send you the link when it gets closer to your appointment time.  What you need to do is to click the link, without the need to download any software. To protect your privacy, please make sure you are in a space suitable for online meetings, such as an undisturbed and soundproof venue. Also, use secure password-protected WIFI and use headphones for online conversations.

The following are some suggested directions for asking further questions. 

As a client, you have a right to know about your potential counsellor & psychotherapist. 

Please refer to them before fully committing your time, money and energy.

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Thanks for your message! I will reply within 2 to 3 working days.

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