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Hong Kong Narrative Practitioner in the UK

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

What am I doing in the UK?

I've been in the UK for almost three months. Out of my expectation, I spent more than one month building a new website. It was mainly due to the increase in the price of WordPress, which I used for website building in the past few years. Also, I need to be familiarised with new systems, guidelines, and laws.

Furthermore, I was struggling to migrate published articles under Narrative Practice Valley Village to this new website or not. My geographical relocation from Hong Kong to the UK is very exhausting, I do not want to repeat it on the internet. So, let's maintain still.

I am not rushing in job seeking. I am grateful for settling down in my new home within one month. In addition, my life experiences of facing "uncertainties" and "no stable income" let me enjoy times of nothing to do, and adjust my rhythm. Once I am settled down in my new home, I work for different types of voluntary work and part-time. It is good to offer more chances to ourselves for something new. "Break the boundary" is the main theme in my life.

However, I have not given up the career I am committed to. What I experienced here is completely different from those in Hong Kong. I am blessed to obtain a chance to work in Cambridge and learn something new. It proves that if a person is dedicated to their belief, others could notice it.

Hongkonger Counselling

Narrative Practice in the UK

It seems like The Institute of Narrative Therapy is the only organisation that provides systematic training in Narrative Therapy in the UK. I attended Vikki Reynolds' workshop hosted by them in Manchester and knew a few Narrative Practitioners. But I also learned that Narrative Therapy is taught in Family Counselling subject in Integrative Counselling Program from a local private practitioner from another event.

Counselling Services in the UK

Good or bad? In the UK, mental health is a popular topic in society, and it is embraced in the culture. There are free counselling services under NHS system, however, the number of sessions is limited and the waiting time takes at least several weeks. There is also a lot of charitable organisation offering free counselling services. If a person is willing to pay, there are plenty of choices too. However, the language barrier is a challenge. I still have no idea about the application of interpretation services in counselling, though I am sure that you could apply for free interpretation for GP.

Please Offer Your Support and Advice

These are a few of the teasers of different topics. I will share more regarding this unique life adventure from the perspective of narrative practice. If you are interested in any topics or sharing, please leave me a message or email. Thanks for your support, accompany, and advice!

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